Embedding Tools

Help your visitors book lessons right from your personal website by using one of the following methods


Add our logo to your site and link it to your BeMusical Profile URL


1. Download the logo version that best fits your website color theme:


2. Link your BeMusical profile directly to your website by linking your unique URL into a button you create or by making our logo a clickable link.



Button linked to your profile:


Logo linked to your profile:


Embed your BeMusical Profile directly on your page


1. Find the unique url of your profile. i.e., www.bemusic.al/name-surname

2. If you use Wix® follow these directions or if you use Webbly® use these directions. You can either simply copy & paste your unique URL into your provider's "embedding widget" or copy & paste the following code replacing the URL with your own:

Make sure you select the entire code, it should start with <div class= and end with </style>

Check out this video tutorial on how to embed your profile into your own website